Saturday, May 19, 2007

In our continuing quest to explore Oklahoma one campsite at a time, Laura and I have taken a step forward in our outdoorsyness... kind of.

After passionately using our old tent, a tried and true Eureka pack-it-in-pack-it-out backcountry tent (only 2 lbs!!), we made the command descision that our expanding family (reads G-U-S) requires a little more... eh... space. "What ever shall we do?" we asked.

Enter, stage left, REI.

A quick side-note: As a shining beacon of hope in the blackness of outdoors equipment, REI serves as a flame to the geeky moth of mountaineering. REI is one of those stores where you go in for a caribiner, and come out with a stainless steel camp grill, three GPSs, a helmet, climbing shoes, and an eight volume set of "Vern's Best Hiking Trails of Guatemala." It sucks you in, and you're helplessly spit out with an armload of crap (in a good way, like Barnes and Noble or Target).
I digress.
Our current little backpacker tent is supposed to sleep two people. So a four or six person tent should suit, right? Right. (For those of you who don't know, tents only come in person-sets of two... like hot dogs or toilet paper rolls). So we finally decide on the "Trailhead 6." (Sleeps six, or, as we figured, two people and two dogs.) Problem solved, right?
The tent arrived in the mail the other day, and we were totally jonesin' to set it up. We started to set-'er-up in our living room.
We only got half way there.
"Why, oh why? Tell us!" I hear you ask.
Because our new "we're really roughing it" tent is BIGGER than our living room.

The freakin' think wouldn't FIT in our living room. Disturbing, but AWESOME.
We're going camping tomorrow.
Photo proof to follow.

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boulderer said...

hah! I'm definitely laughing right now. That's utterly amazing. Hit the nail on the head describing REI...I only earned $10 a day volunteering at Rainier that one summer and I'm sure I spent nearly every penny when my friends and I went to the Seattle REI. Doomed from the start.